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About Us

IntraTug is an industry leader in providing tugs, barges, and marine support to the inland and coastal waters of the US Gulf of Mexico. From inception, the goal of IntraTug has been to create a safe, compliant work environment for our employees by providing better training, safer tools/assets and by demonstrating to both our employees and Clients that our “GOAL ZERO” safety-incentive program is fully supported by our Company’s management. At IntraTug, our motto “Ready Assets” means that we are safety trained, safety prepared with qualified personnel and equipment that are READY to go to work!

Our Marine Fleet

View our fleet of towing vessels ranging from 600-2,000 BHP as well as support vessels and barges, including:

Safety & Environmental

Our personnel are committed to safety first – making sure that a job done safe and a job well done are synonymous, and paramount to long-term success. Where other companies might take short-cuts, we understand that our top priority should be the people who do the work – and the environment where the work is performed.

Ready assets, ready to work.

“Ready Assets” is our motto, and for us this means having every aspect of our business ready to take on the challenges in our industry. Whether it’s the preparation and training to make sure our most valuable assets (our people) are safely prepared to do a job, or it’s the continued investment in our towing vessels to guarantee the safest working environment for our people, IntraTug is Ready!

Our Mission

“Our mission at IntraTug is to improve daily in providing the safest employment opportunities in the tug and barge business. It is our goal to not just create jobs in our success, but to help nourish a culture for our employees that promotes self-improvement, respect for one another, and the chance for all who buy in to succeed!